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The Nigerian Court of Appeal is beset with the challenge of establishing a judicial system suited for a democratic society. Primitive systems of judicial administration have been over taken by numerous innovations in administration and science and technology. The COA is not unmindful of these challenges. Information technology and Internet are fast taking space in business, industry and administration. Maintenance of independence of the judiciary has been provided in the constitution of Nigeria. A democratic society needs an independent judiciary which can ensure the citizens to judicially avail their fundamental rights. An effective and reliable judicial system demands a suitable system for the welfare of judges of the court. No institution can afford to over look the aspect of welfare and training with regard to its staff. There has been a continuous emphasis on these points in the Nigerian Court of Appeal. This website will give you an idea of various activities in which the Court of Appeal is engaged currently. 

News Flash

Court of Appeal goes digital

With technology engulfing every facet of human life, the nation’s judiciary is not left out, especially the Court of Appeal, which recently embarked on e-filing. Tunde Oyesina examines the merits of this innovation.

In what may aptly be described as flying steps in modernisation, the Court of Appeal, under its current leadership, has mustered the strength to institute a comprehensive modernisation of its existing operational system in a ground-breaking way that blends judiciary and technology. The bid, if and when sustained, not only underlines the vision which the Nigerian judiciary aspires to achieve, but also will transfer from vision to reality, the long-awaited reform in the country’s justice sector, which committee after committee had advocated and proposed.


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